I am a food and kitchen garden photographer,

settled in beautiful green Kent, loving everything country.

It is in the countryside where I find most of my inspiration for creating photographs in rustic, uncomplicated and simple style, often influenced by seasons, local farm produce, and artisans themselves, slow living and by traditional folklore of my own roots.

A mum of two perfect treasures and former teacher,

who took the decision to dig deeper into photography years back, joining the Photography Institute, as well as food photography workshops and courses on styling,

I am now doing what I feel very passionate about.

Shortlisted Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year:

Food For Celebration, 2019

Marks & Spencer Food Adventures, 2018,

and Startisans Food In The Street, 2017.

Images published in Take A Break's "My Favourite Recipes" and "Good To Know Recipes".


Copyright © 2020 Ionica Photography
Contact: miriam.ionica@outlook.com     Tunbridge Wells | Kent | UK

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